Supercharge your audience engagement

Improve audience engagement

Enable your audience to naturally discover the products and brands they desire within video, keeping them engaged for longer and avoiding those nasty ad blockers.

New revenue sources

New affiliate revenue

Affiliate revenue can be derived from enabling video to become transactable. There are multiple ways a publisher can generate new revenue by:
  • CPA – Cost Per Aquisition – Collect a percentage commission on any product sold
  • CPC – Cost Per Click – Make revenue on shares and traffic

Contextual ads

Generate higher ad yield by matching products and brands with video being served.

New premium impressions and clicks

The audience ‘opt-in’ interactions with the unique tagflix wavelet are driven by the desire for discovery of products and brands. As there is clear intent these CPM’s and CPC’s can be monetised at a premium.

Simple implementation

Easily implement any Tagflix enabled content with simple copy and paste JS.

New audience insights

Audience interactions within a Tagflix enabled video will measure the level of engagement with products, brands, personal collections and social shares. These then provide actionable insights for publishers to understand the ROI of a video asset, and how to increase the overall performance of video.

Better understand what performs in video by:

  • Video
  • Domain
  • Brand
  • Product
  • Person or influencer
  • Specific user

Tagging as a service

We tag quickly and easily anything in videos, such as brands, products and people. Tagflix-enable your videos now!


    Multi platform compatibility

    Tagflix overlay works on any modern desktop or mobile browser.

    The future of video is now