Invest into the video future

Imagine the value Tagflix creates through shoppable video


  • Google puts a dollar value on every word in the dictionary – valued at $750bn
  • Facebook monetises social connections and interests – valued at $530bn
  • Pinterest makes bookmarks shoppable – valued at $12.3bn
  • What is the value of a platform that turns video into ecommerce

  • Video is king

    Video is set to account for 80% of total internet traffic in the next few years creating a new ecommerce market that will dwarf all existing solutions.

  • Deep consumer insights

    The video interactions allow publishers and brands to gain deep consumer insights about product and brand engagement for specific categories, videos and publishers.

  • Patented scalable technology

    Tagflix has built a cutting edge technology platform that combines ecommerce and unique data insights.

  • The Tagflix video graph

    Move over Zuckerberg’s social graph, the video graph is here. We’ve built the video graph which gives the ability to store data about all things inside video.

  • AI video indexing of video

    Our AI and search technology maps the relationship between a person and things in video. When we Tagflix®-enable videos on any platform, we identify tag opportunities like product placements, clothing, locations and people.

  • Video fingerprinting

    Our technology takes a unique fingerprint of every video frame , making anything tagged inside a video discoverable.

  • Publisher solution

    Allows Tagflix to scale by providing 3rd party publishers a way to integration Tagflix enabled videos on their own platform.

  • Founding Team

    Tagflix was created by supreme technical talent with years of experience in AI, video research and ecommerce technology.

The future of video is now