Driving ROI with SMART VIDEO

Turn the art of choosing the next face of your brand into pure science.

  • Make smarter branding decisions through deeper audience insights
  • Better know which products work with whom in which videos and which categories

Ad blocker safe

  • Allow your brand to be discovered even when audiences use ad blockers.
*2018 Adblock Stats https://www.iab.com

New audience and competitive insights

Audience interactions within a Tagflix enabled video will measure the level of engagement with products, brands, personal collections and social shares. These provide actionable insights for your brand to create ROI calculations of product placement, competitive landscape analytics and how to increase the overall performance of video placements.

Better understand how your brand and products ranks by:

  • Demographics
  • Video category
  • Product category
  • Publisher
  • Domain
  • Video
  • Product
  • Person or influencer


  • Enable retargeting the audience from products and brands seen in video

Pathway to purchase

  • Allow your brand to be discovered even when audiences use ad blockers.
  • Understand the user journey from video exposure to purchase using deep data insights.

Tagging as a service

We tag quickly and easily anything in videos, such as brands, products and people. Tagflix-enable your video now.

    Multi platform compatibility

    Tagflix overlay works on any modern desktop or mobile browser.

    The future of video is now